Feature Shop Updates: 19 September 2014
ATM / Cash Bank In Payment Method Discontinuance Announcement
We would like to advise that due to unforeseen circumstances we are not able to extend offline ATM/Cash Bank In payment mode for all/any purchases perform within our website during our Super Sale promotion period (herein referred to as said Period) Kindly note Offline payment feature will be disabled as at 6p.m 24th Sept 2014.
Any/all payments into RMSB account via ATM/Cash Bank In within said Period will not be regarded as good payment by RMSB and any order placed will be considered void and refunds will be provided to customers (with the proviso that customers provide proof of payment i.e. Bank In slip ) after seven (7) working days.
Please note that all other current modes of payment will still be available i.e. credit card, internet banking and Celcom Air-Cash.
We do regret any/all inconvenience caused due to the service discontinuance during said Period.
Your understanding and kind cooperation on this matter is much appreciated.